1. How long does it take for a custom order to ship?  

Our lead-time is 6-8 weeks, though we always do our best to ship your order as soon as possible. This lead-time gives us the opportunity to ship whole orders together in one box instead of multiple packages.  

2. Why does it take so long? 

Being the world's leading manufacturer of garment dyed bedding, we take pride in our process, custom dyeing each piece to order without exception. Due to the nature of custom production, this process can take time, and we greatly appreciate your patience. 

3. What is Quick Ship? 

Interested in stocking your shelves with Bella classics but don’t have time to wait 6-8 weeks? Look no further than our Quick Ship program! With gorgeous products in White, Winter White and Champagne, Quick Ship offers an assortment of our best sellers ready to ship in 5-15 business days.  

4. What does “garment dyed” mean? 

When a customer places an order, all of the items in that order are dyed together keeping them in the same harmonious tone. We only dye ready-made garments, meaning we dye the complete garment rather than full yards of fabric. Each batch is garment-dyed and ever so slightly unique making it couture in nature and adding to the soft, lived-in quality of our brand.  

5. Why garment dye your bedding? 

In our garment dye process, we use low-impact, non-toxic dyes. These dyes provide us with a diverse palette of vibrant colors, yet create less waste and use less heat, energy and water than conventional dyes. The results of garment dyeing: soft, pre-shrunk fabrics in a range of tones, from slightly antiqued to perfectly vibrant, giving an approachable look and feel to your dream bed. 

6. How long does it take to receive a yardage order? 

We custom dye each piece to order without exception. This includes all yardage ordered. Due to the nature of custom production, this process can take time, and we greatly appreciate your patience with our 6-8 week ship time. Please know we always do our best to ship your orders as soon as possible. 

7. What are low-impact fabrics? 

We do our best to use textiles that have a minimal impact on the environment over their entire life cycle—including raw material selection, production, usage and disposal. For example, Organic Cotton (a textile used in our line) is grown using a production system that replenishes and maintains soil fertility, reduces the use of toxic pesticides and defoliants, and builds biologically diverse agriculture. And by far, the crop with the most potential for eco-friendly textile use is hemp, which comprises a large percentage of our Celeste fabric. Hemp plants grow very quickly and densely making it difficult for weeds to take hold, eliminating the need for herbicides and artificial fertilizers. 

8. Where are Bella Notte products manufactured? 

All of our products are manufactured in the San Francisco Bay Area. From the beginning, we have used sewing contractors in San Francisco—local production and long lasting relationships are extremely important to us and help us to keep an eye on quality. Our offices, quality control, and shipping departments are located in Novato, California, 30 miles North of San Francisco.  

9. What are headers? 

Headers are fabric samples that demonstrate how a particular fabric looks and feels after the garment dye process. These sales tools are offered as Color or Fabric Headers to help customers navigate our line. A Color Header (8”x10”) is comprised of every current fabric in one color. For example, a Coral Header would showcase how every one of our fabrics, from Adele through Vivianne, takes on the warm, summery tone in a slightly different way. On the other hand, a Fabric Header (8”x10”) is comprised of every current color in one fabric. For example, a Hayden Header contains a header piece of Hayden in every current color. 

If you love our images and need help building a bed of your own, visit your nearest retailer and ask if they have some headers for you to flip through. See every fabric in White, or your favorite fabric like Olivia lace in every color - the store may have your dream bed in stock, or they can place an order and we'll custom dye it just for you. 

10. How do I wash my bedding? 

We are an easy care luxury line with products that can be laundered in your own home. To best care for your Bella Notte merchandise, we highly recommend using The Laundress Delicate Wash. Delicate Wash—non-toxic, biodegradable, and allergen free—cleans effectively yet gently, helping to preserve your items during each wash cycle. It is important to use Delicate Wash for specialty fabrics containing silk, fine cotton, rayon, and nylon. Your Bella Notte Linens products are couture in nature—unlike any other bedding in the world—treat them with love and they will continue to love you for years to come. 

Please read and follow the care label attached to each item for best results. Bella Notte Linens is not responsible for replacement of products when care instructions are not followed.  

11. What are the general care instructions for washing your bedding? 

General Instructions: 

Separate fabrics into light and dark colors. Wash in cold water on gentle cycle. We recommend The Laundress Delicate Wash. Dry on low heat. Do not over-dry. Do not dry clean. Do not use bleach. Do not use stain removers. Please avoid over-loading your washing machine as oversized loads may cause excess friction on your delicate Bella Notte product. 

We also recommend that you… Wash all items inside out. Wash and dry dark colors before using.  

Fabric Care for our Silk Blends~ Celeste, Loulah, Silk Velvet Embroidered, Silk Velvet Quilted, Sophia, & Valentina: Machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle, using The Laundress Delicate Wash. Do not use bleach or bleach alternatives. Tumble dry on very low heat, or line dry. Do not over-dry. 

Fabric Care for Olivia (100% Cotton Embroidery on 100% Nylon Point d’Esprit): Machine wash in garment bag in cold water. Set dryer to no heat, or line dry. 

Fabric Care for Linen Whisper(100% Linen): Machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle, using The Laundress Delicate Wash. Do not bleach. Tumble dry on very low heat, or line dry. Do not over-dry. To avoid snagging, wash Linen Whisper-only items (bed scarves, dust ruffles, curtains) in a mesh garment bag. 


• Cosmetic products containing peroxide cause orange spots on fabric 

• Direct and indirect sunlight may cause fading. Please refer to our “Helpful How-Tos” for best practices in preventing fading. 

Care for Bella Notte inserts: Dry clean only. 

* The Laundress Delicate Wash—16 fl. oz., $19.00 

Order directly from us using style number LAUN-DW, or purchase online. 


We hope you enjoy your product from Bella Notte® Linens!