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Can't get enough of behind-the-scenes design, style, and sketches come to life? Here's part two of our interview series with Bella stylist, Juliet White. (Click here for Part One)


Juliet directs the photo shoots from the UK!


Q: What is your favorite part of styling a shoot for Bella?

The beginning, seeing the new introductions, and the very end, seeing the finished shots in a beautiful book. I get excited to see what the designers have come up with each season. Often a simple color change transforms an existing fabric into something completely fresh. Its fun, (as any of you will know, who have done this) to just play with all the swatches. There are endless combinations. The thought behind the inspiration book was to help people find their way through all the beauty! And be able to put together something that fits their personal style.


Juliet's Perfect Peach Tabletop Mood Board


Initial sketch paired with final photo


Q: What do you love about Bella Notte linens and styling for them? 

Pretty much everything. I have always loved the color palette and natural fibers. I think mostly its the overall feeling of relaxed luxury they convey. They are pretty irresistible. The line is completely versatile, enabling me to create some variety. Sometimes the mood calls for layer upon layer of luxurious textures and colors, whilst at other times the mood is simple and understated. There are several fabrics in the line that will quite happily stand alone and shine.

Juliet's Petal and Perfect Peach Mood Board


Initial sketch paired with final photo - the mint headboard takes an unexpected turn.


Q: Do you ever get frustrated when the reality doesn't match your vision?
Sometimes it is frustrating, but usually the unexpected changes that happen in the process turn out to be an improvement on the original idea. It’s always possible to adapt throughout the process. Its par for the course.
Q: How do you stay ahead of the curve, fresh and current with regards to style?

I make sure I have a steady stream of magazines, books, blogs, and try to get to design shows like MAISON&OBJET in Paris. Film and art play their part too.

Q: How would you describe your aesthetic?

I would have to say it’s very simple, rustic and textural. I am not formal, but love a touch of elegant.

Q: What do you do when you're uninspired? Do you ever hit a creative wall? 

Yes, if I am working with something that is a little out of my comfort zone, inspiration can be a stretch. I usually dig deep into my books, magazines and do lots of blog hopping.

Q: Is it difficult to be somewhat removed from a bustling city? Or does it help your creativity?


Furry accessories on set!


Hoppin' action shot.


Q: What publications do you read?

I look at everything and anything connected to interior design, but my "must have" reads are Australian Vogue Living, British Elle Decor and The World of Interiors.

Thanks for taking an intimate look into Juliet's creative process. We love the way she expertly combines colors, textures, fabrics, and unique accessories to pull together each set. From Bella fabric swatches and magazine clippings, to Juliet's masterful sketches, to Jay's final photos, we hope to ignite your own style and vision with our designs.


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