Inside Bella

Our Vision

At Bella Notte Linens, we believe in a lifestyle that is artistic and inspiring. We see the home as a carefully curated expression of self: romantic, eclectic, or bohemian yet always comfortably chic. Each heirloom quality item is crafted locally with attention to detail, and then garment dyed to order in our custom color palette. The end result is an offering of couture textiles for everyday living.

Inside Bella Notte


Luxurious, romantic, timeless

We are proud to design, cut, sew, and dye in the United States. Our collections are inspired by fashion—from pipings and pintuckings, to ruffles, ruchings and laces—we find that delicate detailing takes a product from being ordinary to exceptional. And we never compromise when it comes to sourcing the finest fabrics from all over the world. Each item we introduce has to pass the test: Is it soft? Is it luxurious? Is it timeless? Not only should they be adaptable to many styles, but also machine washable, and family friendly.

Inside Bella Notte

Designed, cut, sewn and dyed in the US

Inside Bella Notte

A custom color palette mixed from low-impact dyes

Inside Bella Notte

Machine washable luxury linens to fit any lifestyle

Inside Bella Notte

Crafted with attention to detail using the finest textiles

Inside Bella Notte

Vintage-inspired linens to add romance & artistry to the home


Manufacturing Process

At Bella Notte we pride ourselves on making home textiles of the highest quality. We take measures during each step of the manufacturing process to ensure our products delight you for a lifetime.


An everlasting love

We often say that our linens are an investment. Every wash makes them softer, and that beloved ‘lived-in’ quality is what we strive for. We believe it is important to avoid the cycle of designed obsolescence, in which low-quality goods are quickly thrown away and replaced. By following our care instructions closely, you can keep your Bella Notte linens for years to come and pass them on to future generations.

Bella Notte uncompromising quality
Bella Notte manufactured locally


Made in California, with care

When customers buy from us, they support a long line of American businesses and employees. From our local cutters, sewers, and dye house, to the office staff on hand to assist customers, to our national sales team and trusty delivery people – our family is far reaching. While it’s not always possible to buy American-made given how much manufacturing has moved overseas, you can feel confident knowing that your Bella Notte linens are designed, cut, sewn and garment dyed right here in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Fabrics & Dyes

Manufacturing in the US means that our materials are not pre-treated overseas with harsh chemicals. Instead, we receive unfinished goods in a prepared for dye state, and then hand mix low impact dyes to generate our signature color palette. The results are soft, preshrunk fabrics in a range of tones – from slightly antiqued to perfectly vibrant, giving the line an approachable look and feel.


Garment dyed to order

Our custom-mixed, low impact dyes provide us with a diverse palette of color, while using less heat, energy and water than other solutions. Garment dying allows any combination of fabric – be it linen, cotton, satin or velvet – to emerge in the same harmonic tone. The end result is bedding that is customizable, extremely soft, and machine washable…all fruits of our carefully honed dye technique.

Bella Notte our dyes


Sourced & inspired from around the world

From linen and cotton to tencel and silk, our products are comprised of the most luxurious textiles from all over the world. We are constantly working with our vendor partners to ensure that each Bella Notte product you invest in is made of the highest quality fabrics that stand the test of time. And by sourcing textiles and inspiration from around the globe, our collections continue to embody an eclectic aesthetic, yet always undeniably romantic.

Bella Notte our fabrics


Founder & Designer

Bella Notte founder designer

When I started Bella Notte, I was compelled to create a line of linens that was couture-inspired and beautiful, while remaining approachable and family friendly. At the time I was the mother of two young children, hard-pressed to find linens that were non-toxic, easy care and luxurious. And so I decided to use the dressmaker craftsmanship I learned while working for Jessica McClintock to create high design linens in a relaxed style befitting the home.

To this day, Bella Notte remains dedicated to high quality fabrics and fashion-forward finishes. By sourcing textiles and garnering inspiration from around the world, we aim to provide a romantic, bohemian offering in an assortment of unique colors that you’ll cherish for years. We believe in a lifestyle that is artistic and inspiring, and hope Bella continues to inspire your home and a beautiful night’s sleep.

Kathleen McCoy
Founder & Designer