Frequently Asked Questions


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards as well as Apple Pay. We also offer Affirm, a payment plan that allows you to make payments over several months (so you can invest in pieces you love!).

Why was sales tax added to my order?

Due to recent economic tax law regulation changes we must charge sales tax in any state where we meet the new sales tax law requirements.This includes physical and economic nexus and is unique to each state. 

How do I cancel an order?

Due to the special quality of our small batch production, should you need to cancel or change your order for any reason, please notify us within 24 hours of order placement via the Contact Us form. See Returns for more information. 


How long will it take to ship my order?

Please allow 4-6 weeks from order placement for your products to ship to you. Shipping lead times vary based on location. 

Why does it take so long to ship my order?

Bella Notte linens are exquisitely crafted by master sewers and dyed to order in small batches in our artisanal dye house. We’ve worked with many of the same local makers for over 20 years, and we never rush their craft. In an age of far-flung supply chains and mechanized perfection, you can delight in each Bella Notte piece being one-of-a-kind. 

Can I expedite shipping?

You can select an expedited shipping method at checkout, however we still require up to 6 weeks to produce your order. Need it sooner? Find a local retailer to see if they might have what you’re looking for in stock!

What carrier do you use?

UPS is our preferred carrier. We also use USPS and FedEx.

Do you ship to P.O. boxes?

Yes, we are able to ship to P.O. boxes. Your package will be delivered via USPS.

What are your shipping rates?

When you purchase through, shipping on all domestic orders over $500 is complimentary! Shipping rates, duties and taxes are displayed upon checkout for all international orders.

Why am I being charged duty and tax?

As an international customer, all items are subject to current duty and tax rates as set forth by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. These charges are non-refundable and subject to any and all products being shipped outside the U.S.

What happens when an item is backordered?

We strive to fulfill all orders in a timely manner. We will notify you as soon as possible if the item you ordered will have a lead-time exceeding 6 weeks.


What is your return policy?

For dyed to order and Ready to Sleep pieces, we will accept returns within 30 days of receipt. While we embrace fabric and tonal variation in our products due to our special handmade process, we want you to be happy with your purchase. Items must be unused, unwashed and in their original condition with tags attached. Returns can only be processed for products purchased on and cannot be returned to a local retailer. 

For returns, please contact Customer Care.

How will I be refunded?

Refunds can only be issued to the original form of payment. Shipping (International) and return shipping charges will be deducted from the amount refunded. Standard shipping charges will apply. Refunds are processed within 7-10 business days after receipt of returned goods.

How do I cancel an order?

Once an order is placed, we promptly begin small batch production. Should you need to cancel or change your order for any reason, please notify us within 24 hours of original order placement via the Contact Us form. 


What is Renewal?

Renewal is a carefully curated collection of practically perfect Bella Notte linens. When you purchase a practically perfect Bella Notte piece, you receive the value and quality of our products with a minor, sometimes invisible imperfection, such as a tiny mended hole, missing strip of velvet pile or a small dye stain. 

Why does Bella Notte have a Renewal Store?

Our answer to a world of mechanized perfection—where seconds and samples are burned, landfilled, and liquidated—is Renewal. How could we do that when each Bella Notte piece is thoughtfully designed, artisan crafted, and dyed to order? Part of our understated elegance is embracing the imperfections that arise from this special, handmade process. We’ve created conscious everyday luxury in California since 1996. Renewal is how we pay homage to the makers and methods that have been foundational to our business since the very beginning.

What do the different Renewal Conditions mean?

Perfect: Excellent condition products and samples in retired colors or styles with no imperfections.

Nearly Perfect: Great condition pieces with minimally visible fabric or construction imperfections that may include: a wandering stitch, visible seam edge, excess fabric in quilting, a small spot of wear, small missing velvet pile, two-tone tonal variation, or large fabric blemish in weave. 

Imperfectly Bella: Good condition pieces with visible imperfections: noticeable small dye stain, a tiny mended hole or tear, thread/embroidery color inconsistency, or missing velvet pile.

What is the lead time on Renewal products?

Renewal products will ship within 2 weeks. Delivery date is dependent on location. 

What is the warranty policy on Renewal products?

Warranty does not apply to Renewal products but we accept returns within 30 days. Items must be unused, unwashed and in their original condition with tags attached. 

Why is there limited availability of different styles and colors in the Renewal Collection?

Renewal is a curated collection of practically perfect Bella Notte products. The selection of colors and styles in varying conditions is limited and will be continuously evolving. Inventory is dependent on the imperfections that arise from our special handmade process. If you see a product you are interested in, be sure to act quickly. There is no guarantee that product will be available at the Renewal price again. 


What is your warranty policy?

3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty: Appropriate Care is the best way to keep your linens looking beautiful. We stand behind our products and offer a 3 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Please contact with proof of purchase within the last 3 years to access your warranty. 


How do you recommend I care for my bedding?

Please visit our Care Guide for specifics on how best to care for each of our collections.

Should I dry clean my linens?

We do not recommend dry-cleaning any Bella Notte products. In fact, we pride ourselves on being an easy care luxury line with linens that can be laundered in your own home, according to the sewn in label and Care Guide.


What detergent do you recommend?

We HIGHLY recommend using Common Good Laundry Detergent when caring for all of your Bella Notte Linens products.

Can I iron or steam my Bella Notte linens?

Our products are intended to be easy care, and therefore ironing isn’t necessary. We love the look and feel of lived in linens! Many of our products, however, can be ironed or steamed based on ironing settings. Olivia lace is an exception as heat can cause lace to melt. Some of our products with rayon or silk content are sensitive to ironing and could result in streaks in the velvet pile. When in doubt, refer to sewn-in care label or our Care Guide!

How do I care for my inserts?

For best results, professional laundering is recommended. Please refer to the care instructions on the product tag.

Consciously Sourced & Artisan Crafted

Where are Bella Notte’s fabrics sourced?

We source our fabrics from Europe and Asia, utilizing a variety of beautiful textures from all around the world. Our decades long relationships with vendors ensure we are receiving the finest quality textiles. As part of our commitment to a sustainable and ethical supply chain, we are working to increase transparency down to the fiber level. This is a long-term project to gather and vet information from each raw materials vendor. 

Where are Bella Notte’s products made?

Our globally sourced linens have been artisan crafted and dyed to order in Northern California since 1996. We’ve worked with the same dye house and many of the same local makers for over 20 years! Our dye house is right down the street from where we cut, sew, and work together as a family owned and operated business. This is nearly unheard of in an age of far-flung supply chains.

Dyed to Order

Are items from my order guaranteed to match?

When you place an order, all items of the same color within that order are dyed together. Each fabric, be it velvet, cotton, or linen, absorbs the dye with a different saturation–however, dyeing them together ensures that your items emerge from dye in a harmonic tone.

If I place separate orders, will my items match?

As a part of our unique manufacturing process, dye lots vary. Though our process has been refined over the years so that color variance is minimal, when ordered separately, items of the same color are not guaranteed to match.

Why is there color variation between dye lots?

The alchemy of working in small batches, and with an artisanal dye house, results in tonal evolution. Swatches represent our range of colors, gradually evolving within their hue. When you embark on your color journey with Bella Notte we invite you to embrace this as the inherent beauty of variation making each of our pieces one-of-a-kind. We delight in creating a harmonious palette that marries all our luxurious materials in a composition--dynamic and inviting.

Can I order a fabric or color swatch?

Yes! The best way to know the quality, hand, and unique color of our products is to experience it all in person. When you order a Bella Notte swatch, we invite you to embrace fiber and tonal variation as part of the inherent beauty that makes each of our pieces one of a kind. Fabric swatches represent the possible range of our color palette, but may not be an exact match to each small-batch dye lot or yardage cut.

Can you describe your unique colors?

WHITE — The forever-perfect bedding color, our classic White is crisp and clean, a timeless option in all of our textures.

WINTER WHITE — Wooly and warm, Winter White adds a subtle depth to your bedroom. Softer than classic White, and cooler than a cream, it’s an updated take on a timeless tone.

PARCHMENT —  Perfectly antiqued, it’s the neutral you’ve been looking for. Reminiscent of love-worn letters from another era, this creamy hue is tinged with a warm glow, pairing beautifully with all of our tones.

HONEYCOMB  — a golden hue that is earthen and vibrant at once.

PEARL — This nude-like neutral, the shade of an elegant garden rose, dyes rich and warm in our silk velvets, while leaning fair and soft in our cottons and linens.

ROUGE  — a blushing mid-tone pink, our color crush adds warmth to your space.

POPPY — Inspired by vibrant spice markets and refined by flora closer to home, Poppy is our nod to the lesser known red California poppy which is actually a deep orange.

FIG — Regal and lavish, Fig is a rich purple-garnet tone that richly saturates all of our fabrics, trims and threads.

FRENCH LAVENDER —  A neutral violet hue that varies in its intensity.

MOONLIGHT —  A glowing grey tone that varies in depth like the night sky under a moonlit reflection. Created to commemorate Bella Notte’s 25th Silver Anniversary.

FOG — Echoing the soft tones of our San Francisco skies, Fog is a neutral mid-grey, harmonizing easily with the entire palette.

CLOUD — Soothing and subtle, Cloud is a soft yet mature blue, reminiscent of a mild sky over the San Francisco Bay.

EUCALYPTUS — Inspired by the delicate green leaves of its namesake, Eucalyptus flows from a soft shade in our linens and cottons, to a shimmering green in charmeuse, to a rich blue-green in our silk velvets. Dyes fresh and sophisticated.

JUNIPER —   A profound green with a calming depth like an abundant forest. 

MINERAL — A soothing seafoam blue with grey undertones, this color transforms any room into a comforting sanctuary.

CENOTE — Named after the rich blue-green of magical underwater caverns in Mexico, Cenote is strikingly brilliant in charmeuse and richly saturated in silk velvet, a true study on the power of blue.

MIDNIGHT —  A rich indigo the color of a moonlit night, Midnight is an instant classic that adds both sophistication and interest to any ensemble. 

CORVINO — Italian for raven, Corvino is our sophisticated take on classic black.

Are all products dyed to order?

Our mainline products are all dyed to order. The artisanal dye process starts with hand-mixing our unique color palette and garment dyeing each small batch of product for your special order. The luxurious combination of products—be it linen, cotton, silk or velvet pieces—emerge together in a harmonic tone. We aim to ship within 8 weeks of order receipt, allowing time to small batch cut, sew and custom dye each piece.

We also offer two Quick Ship, pre-dyed categories: Ready to Sleep is a collection of first quality, pre-dyed linens in current colors and styles. Each one-of-a-kind piece is ready to ship to you in 2 weeks. Renewal is a curated collection of retired and practically perfect Bella Notte linens, also ready to ship in 2 weeks.

Part of our understated elegance is embracing the imperfections that arise from our special, hand-made process. The selection of colors and styles for both Renewal and Ready to Sleep is limited and will be continuously evolving. Because each piece has been pre-dyed at our artisanal dye house, color match among available inventory is not guaranteed.

Where are your products dyed?

Our dye house is right down the street from where we cut and sew, assure quality, and work together as a small family business. As two women-run, multi-generational companies, we’ve worked together in community-based partnership for over 20 years. This is nearly unheard of in an age of far-flung supply chains, and is part of our commitment to being artisan crafted.

What types of dyes are used?

We believe in conscious luxury and make sure to use only non-hazardous and non-toxic dyes, as well as hypoallergenic softening agents in our dye process. 

Materials & Natural Fibers

What’s so great about linen? Why is linen your signature fabric?

Breathable and adaptable to any climate, our linen becomes softer with every sleep. When cared for properly, linen can stand the test of time. Made from the flax plant, this fiber uses less water to grow and emits less carbon than cotton per pound. Amidst a sea of polyester and conventional cotton sheeting, we could gush about the understated elegance of linen all day (and night!). Even when slightly wrinkled, linen is elegant and inviting. Designed for easy living, this natural material becomes softer with every wash.

Who do you recommend linen sheets for?

Linen is a breathable textile, adaptable to any climate, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Individuals who sleep on the warmer side tend to gravitate toward linen as it aids in temperature regulation. 

Is there ever variation in linen because it’s a natural fiber?

As a natural fiber, variation is part of the inherent beauty of linen. Small striations in the weave sometimes maintain a natural tone or thicker texture from its origin fiber, flax. In a world full of mechanized perfection, you can delight in every Bella Notte piece being one-of-a-kind. Sourcing natural and quality fibers from our long-term partners all over the world is part of our commitment to conscious luxury and being stewards of the planet, the people who make our product, and the families who sleep in them. 

What is Tencel™?

Tencel™ (the fabric we use to create our Madera Luxe and Seraphina) is a branded Lyocell, made by Lenzing, the leading sustainable manufacturer of cellulosics. This renewable wood-based fiber is made with highly resource efficient (water 1.7x lower than generic) closed-loop technology (more than 99% of solvent reuse), with close to zero emissions. As a fully biodegradable, compostable botanic fiber, Tencel™ is most typically sourced from eucalyptus, spruce, pine, birch and beech wood from sustainably managed plantations and is close to 100% FSC or PEFC certified. The cellulose from wood is dissolved and spun into fibres which are then woven together to create an extremely strong yet smooth fabric. Our Tencel™ collections are perfectly soft to the touch and wear beautifully, surpassing any high-count cotton sheeting we've come across.


Where can I find the product dimensions?

Please reference the Size Guide tab on each product page for product dimensions — dimensions may also be listed in the Description and Details tab. Dimensions are approximate as natural fibers may stretch or give with time, ironing, and washing.

Will my inserts fit your product?

You might find that our sizes are more generous than other bedding lines. We recommend purchasing our inserts, which perfectly fit our products. Having said that, our pillowcases and shams should fit most regulation-sized standard and king inserts. When in doubt, check the Size Guide link on the product page.

How deep are your fitted sheets?

All of our fitted sheets include a 15" deep pocket to easily secure over your mattress and any additional topper you may use.

Experiencing Bella Notte

Where can I see products in person?

Please visit our Store Locator to find a Bella Notte retailer near you. We consider our linens to be an investment for your home (and a good night’s sleep!), and believe the best way to know the quality and hand of Bella Notte Linens is to experience it in person. If you decide to stop by one of our trusted retail partners to learn more about our products, we encourage you to work with their team and order your new bedding directly from them.

Dealer & Trade

How do I become a Bella Notte dealer?

You may apply through our website using our Dealer Application. Upon submission, your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted if you’re accepted. 

Do you have a program specific to trade accounts?

We do have a program for designers interested in offering Bella Notte to their clients, or using our products for a project. Please complete the Trade Application to apply.

Can I sell Bella Notte online?

We currently have a hold on opening new online accounts. You are welcome to complete the Dealer Application form. All applications are reviewed and we will reach out should anything change.