Linen Whisper Wedding Blanket - Renewal

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Renewal Conditions

Renewal Conditions


Excellent condition products and samples in retired colors or styles with no imperfections.

Nearly Perfect

Great condition pieces with minimally visible fabric or construction imperfections that may include: a wandering stitch, visible seam edge, excess fabric in quilting, a small spot of wear, small missing velvet pile, two-tone tonal variation, or large fabric blemish in weave.

Imperfectly Bella

Good condition pieces with visible imperfections that may include: noticeable small dye stain, a tiny mended hole or tear, thread/embroidery color inconsistency, or missing velvet pile.

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  • Description & Details

    This product is part of our Renewal program—a curated collection of retired and practically perfect Bella Notte linens. Please review our Renewal Conditions to understand the types of imperfections to expect. The selection of colors and styles in varying conditions is limited and will be continuously evolving - color match not guaranteed.

    Romantic and ethereal, our perennially popular Linen Whisper collection is a Bella bedroom essential. Our Linen Whisper Wedding Blanket, inspired by a traditional Moroccan Wedding Blanket, is undeniably romantic. Featuring rows of 5"" ruffle and petite ruffle trim atop a woven linen gauze body, this piece is a lesson in perfect texture. Lightly padded and garment dyed to order, allow this special blanket to add an element of ethereal beauty to any room in your home.

    • 100% Linen
    • 51" x 85"
    • Linen Whisper Body, 5"" Self Ruffle, Lightly Padded
    • Designed and manufactured in California since 1996
  • About Ready to Sleep + Renewal

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