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Introducing: Jade

Green Dream

Meet our new hue, Jade—a rich, verdant green with subtle blue undertones.
Jade was inspired by the tranquility of the green space provided by indoor tropical plants and our gardens—both of which offer a sense of calm grounding.

Watch Jade come to life in this short film!


Linen love

Try Jade in one of our signature linen collections for a soft version of the saturated hue. Ines holds onto the deeper dye in its intricate embroidery, creating a harmonic two-tone. Explore this look!


Sanctuary found

Layer Jade in multiple textures for a rich, monochromatic dream bed. Our Madera Luxe Pillowcases, Paloma Bolster, and Lynette Accent Pillow all in Jade are the perfect trio.



At Bella Notte, our artisanal dye process starts with hand-mixing our unique color palette and then garment dying each small batch of product to order. We believe in conscious luxury and make sure to use only non-hazardous and non-toxic dyes for you and your family’s health. The alchemy of working in small batches with a local artisanal dye house results in slight variances in color, creating truly one-of-a-kind linens.

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