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Introducing: Midnight

The second of our two new Accent Colors is Midnight. A rich indigo the color of a moonlit night, Midnight is an instant classic that adds both sophistication and interest to any ensemble.


Loulah Wedding Blanket and Satin with Venise Lace Lumbar Pillow in Midnight


Satin with Venise Lace Lumbar atop Loulah Wedding Blanket, both in Midnight


Lighter than Ink but just as rich, our new dark beauty pairs beautifully with all of our current colors. Our Accent Colors are available in select accessory pieces, including a variety of our most popular throw pillows, blankets and Personal Comforters.


A gorgeous Midnight Cotton Velvet Settee surrounded by a Vienna Lumbar Pillow, Arielle Accent and Lumbar Pillows, and Valentina Kidney Pillow all in Midnight

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