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Join the Renewal

Our answer to a world of mechanized perfection—where seconds and samples are burned, landfilled, and liquidated—is Renewal. How could we do this when each Bella Notte piece is thoughtfully designed, artisan crafted, and dyed to order? We’ve created conscious everyday luxury in California since 1996. Part of our understated elegance is embracing the imperfections that arise from this special, handmade process. It is how we pay homage to the artisanal makers and methods that have been foundational to our brand since the very beginning. 

Renewal is a carefully curated collection of not quite perfect Bella Notte linens. When you purchase from Renewal, you receive the value and quality of our products with a minor, sometimes invisible imperfection, such as a tiny mended hole, missing strip of velvet pile or a small dye stain. 

Despite these minor imperfections, each product is still a piece of one-of-a-kind luxury. We invite you to experience the value and join the Renewal to shop our curated selection of affordable, Bella Notte Renewal pieces.

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