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We don't normally worry too much about the "competition". At Bella Notte we always strive for the highest quality. Whether it's the softness of our garment-dye process, our vibrant color palette, the pride of being American Made, the variety of our fabrics, the detailing of each couture item...we mean to always produce the very best products we can.


Admittedly, our line is not one that you can find in every corner or department store. And we're okay with that. We like to reward those of you who take the time to shop at a local business and seek out a company that manufactures heirloom quality goods worth saving for years to come. You invest in statement pieces and think of your bedroom and home as an extension of yourself, and we at Bella Notte are happy to represent you.

We can't ignore the phone book style catalogs on every door step in America. We also can't compete with it and we won't try. There's enough room for all of us to thrive within our niche.

But we want you, our customers, to know that there is a distinct difference. Other companies manufacture linen sheets and sometimes they can do it for less. We ask you to do a little research before you buy. Check on where they source their fabric, where they cut, sew, and dye, and ultimately how it feels against your skin. More than anything, read the product reviews! While you may save money on the initial purchase from someone else - when it comes to quality, at Bella Notte our goal is to manufacture linens that last longer, get better with washing, and keep you from having to buy new sheets every year or two.

As a consumer you have thousands of bedding options, we humbly thank you for choosing Bella Notte Linens!

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