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If you’re a fan of Bella, have visited the website or own some of our linens, you’ve probably heard us boast about being the pioneers of garment-dyed bedding. But what does garment-dyed mean?

While it’s only one part of a multifaceted manufacturing process, garment dyeing helps us to create couture pieces with the aesthetic and luxurious feel that is signature Bella.

Garment Dyeing: a dyeing process performed on finished products, as opposed to yarn dyeing which takes place prior to weaving the yarn into fabric. Garment dyed products are pre-shrunk in the dyeing process and tend to have a softer hand.

We design and create all of our lines in a ‘prepared for dye’ state out of the finest fabrics—and custom dye them locally with our Dye Guy, Mark!

“The idea that this process, from the beginning to the end, happens here locally– it’s a very good thing. And we’re lucky to be around because a lot of the manufacturing in this area disappeared 5 or 6 years ago. The line is couture, not everything is factory made, every piece is individual. There is some nostalgia and an old fashioned quality to the line.”



When a customer places an order, all of the items are processed together keeping them in the same harmonic tone. Each batch is garment-dyed and ever so slightly unique making it couture in nature and adding to the soft, lived-in quality of our brand. And by dyeing the completed garments instead of full yards of fabric, we reduce dyeing waste.

The results of garment dyeing: soft, pre-shrunk fabrics in a range of tones, from slightly antiqued to perfectly vibrant, giving an approachable look and feel to your dream bed.


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