Cirillo Bedding

Bearing a noble namesake, a calming pattern quilts 600-thread count cotton sateen for our premier cotton-filled collection.

Featuring a coverlet, shams, throw pillows, and blanket, a baby blanket for your Petit Bella is also available in our entire palette of colorways. 

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Cirillo Living

A gentle ripple quilts 600-thread count cotton sateen throw pillows and a throw blanket.

Cirillo Throw Pillows come in two different sizes, perfectly tailored for sitting areas and beds, these pillows redefine coziness in style.

Indulge in comfort with our Cirillo Blanket, a personal-sized quilt designed to elevate your moments of relaxation — perfect for draping over the back of a sofa or lying at the foot of your bed.

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Cirillo for Petit Bella

The Cirillo Collection has pieces for even the smallest sleepers.

The Cirillo Baby Blanket is designed for both babies and toddlers, or as a delightful end-of-bed addition for twin mattresses; this cotton-filled, quilted blanket offers endless versatility for your child’s comfort. As with all of our pieces, this blanket is machine washable so you can take it everywhere you take baby. 

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Color is at Bella Notte's core. We take immense care to small-batch dye every single product you order in hand-measured baths of low-impact dyes. Each material plays differently with each color, and introducing new colors into our palette is an intensive process.

With immense love and care, we produced French Lavender and Juniper for you to enjoy.

French Lavender

French Lavender — a neutral violet hue that varies in its intensity.

Majestic in silk velvet and modest in linen, French Lavender is soothing in all of our fabrics. Complimented by our entire palette, French Lavender ranges tonally from whimsical to moody. Use our new tone in bedrooms and living spaces where you want to surround yourself with a hush of sophistication. Straying from trends that change with the seasons, French Lavender provides a timeless tone that is soothing with a trace of mystique. 


Juniper — a profound green with the calming depth of an abundant forest. 

Our newest green pigment is a deep hue with undertones that ground the colorway. The natural beauty is displayed in all of our textiles, as a consistent and rooted shade. Juniper’s mood is tranquil and lush, and perfectly matches with other earth tones and neutrals, Juniper offers a fundamental base for your bedding and living spaces.