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All Things New

2021 brings a celebration of 25 years of artisanal home fashion — machine washable linens made to be lived in and loved. We are honored to celebrate this milestone with you this year!

  Available to order now, welcome to our Spring introductions:

Left to right: Ines additions, Poppy and Taline

First up this season is something familiar with additions to our Ines collection

Ines, our intricately embroidered midweight linen collection gains a personal comforter, our most popular sized throw blanket, and three different sized throw pillows (15" x 24" Accent, 16" x 36" Lumbar and 24" Square).

Don't you love how these new additions help bring Bella into other rooms and spaces? We do! 

And don't forget about our Ines Guest Towel which was launched in November in tandem with Mastercard's Luxury Card magazine where this new hand towel was featured among their 100 best gifts to give and get. 

Inspired by artisan textiles from ancient lands, Ines' embroidery offers a subtle contrast in our lighter hues and is a striking two-tone in the deeper end of our palette

Staying inspired by far away places — of vibrant spice markets and yet refined by flora closer to home, Poppy our 17th color is our nod to the lesser known California Poppy which is actually a deep orange. 

Glowing vibrantly and warm in all of our fabrics, Poppy brings the punch of color that even in its subtlety is undeniably eye catching. 

Nestled between Rouge and Rosegold in our now 17 hand-mixed colors, Poppy is not just another red, nor it is pink and at the same time doesn't read as an orange either. 

It's our alchemy of color that truly sets Bella Notte apart. 

Our 17 colors are available among 16 of our fabric collections, offering a rainbow of tonal variation among the hues themselves. Shown here is Poppy in our current fabrics — you can see the tonal range that Poppy provides. 

Lastly, the intro we can't get enough of — Taline

Taline's tassels are elongated and adorn all four sides of the available styles. 

Our newest silk charmeuse collection offers those perfect icing pieces — the ones that transition from the bed to your favorite corner of the couch or reading nook. 

Backed in midweight linen, the textural play between the charmeuse and linen lends Taline the ability to work in any room — available styles will work with classic linens and cottons as well as luxurious silks and velvets. 

Offered in our 3 favorite sized throws (Accent - 15" x 24", Lumbar - 16" x 36" & 24" x 24" Square), Taline is also offered in our most versatile size sham, the euro


Available in our best selling sized throw blanket, the personal comforter, Taline comes in more than just pillows! 


Leeta Steenwyk, Design Director, explains the North African inspiration for Taline: 

Morocco has a long, rich history in its architecture and interiors. The luxurious riads and palaces are crafted with dramatic lines and intricate details yet there is a sense of spaciousness and harmony. It’s this balance, along with the finest artisan materials, which lends a feeling of elegance. Our Taline collection captures this same balance by being playful and elegant, simple and embellished. We’ve elevated the tassel by using our luxurious silk linen, making them significantly long, and attached to all four corners of each Taline product. The silk gives a lustrous sheen and the linen adds subtle texture and weight, giving them a graceful drape.

We hope you enjoy our introductions as much as we are — we can't get enough of the tassels and new blankets for every room! 

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