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In Support of the Resolute

Resolutions — make them or not, the new year stirs thoughts of change, and is often a time of habit building or breaking. A few weeks into the new year, we wanted to take this time to discuss five of the most common resolutions and our suggestions to help maintain your progress. 

Resolution: Get in shape 

Suggestion: Be active in the morning. Get up and make your bed — give those pillows a good fluffing and shake out your top sheet (if you use one), coverlet or duvet. If you have a throw at the foot of the bed and an extra pillow (or 3), even better!! Once your bed is insta-worthy, drink some water and get moving. 

Restful sleep reaps all kinds of benefits, and is one of the trinity of contributors to getting and staying in shape; nutrition and regular physical activity being the other two. According to Marin Living magazine, we have the secret to a better night's sleep — see the full article here.

Being physical in the morning is the perfect way to progress towards your goal. Making your bed helps your mind celebrate an accomplishment, setting a tone for a productive day ahead! 

Resolution: Enjoy life to the fullest 

Suggestion: Do one thing at a time. In our harried society where being busy is the mark of a hard working citizen. At Bella Notte we choose to be productive over being busy; quality over quantity. 

By allowing oneself to focus on one thing at a time results in fewer errors and oversights. We can recover the time previously lost to refocusing when we allowed ourselves to be distracted in our attempts to multi-task. When productivity is increased, more time and energy can be had for the things which bring joy — or at least allowing us to better enjoy the time we have. 

For the busy days, the productive days and the fullest days, where you settle in to rest and for respite, Bella offers livable, lavable luxury

Resolution: Learn something new

Suggestion: Start small. Can you fold a fitted sheet? We kid, we kid! Whether it's something as mundane as folding laundry or as exciting as learning to surf, learning opportunities are abundant. 

Celebrating small victories when learning something new are what keep us interested and motivated. Think about a baby learning to walk — you celebrate every unassisted, unsteady and effort-full step with glee and applause. As we age, we tend to focus on the end result and forget to celebrate the small steps. Do you know how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time — and while that's a gross hyperbole, it's a good perspective to keep when learning something new. Trust the process and stay motivated. 

Resolution: Reduce stress

Suggestion: Create comfort in your environment. Comfort is both physically and emotionally subjective — what provides physical comfort varies from person to person just as what brings emotional comfort does or does not. You know your stress better than anyone, so you know best how to curate your spaces for maximum comfort. Perhaps you find comfort in loads of pillows, layers of textures and color — maybe it's an all-white ensemble. 

The versatility of our artisanal home fashions offer endless opportunities to create your version of comfort for your environments. Known for our bedding options, Bella Notte offers a wide range of throws and blankets that are easy to incorporate in other spaces where time is spent and comfort is sought. 

Resolution: Spend less, save more

Suggestion: Consider cost per use and invest in quality. When it comes to something you use often (whether you like it or not), you want it to be its most useful for as long as possible. Once a function has become diminished, new options are often sought.

When considering your buying options, think about how often you will use the item. Take our most "expensive" pillowcase for example — is $0.15 per night* too much to sleep on silk? *Calculation based on one pillowcase used for 1095 nights; equivalent to manufacturer's warranty.

Our couture designs, luscious fabrics, machine-washable small-batch dyed linens are like nothing else. Investing in quality goods often results in greater satisfaction than its more affordable counterpart, and saves you more over time. 

Here's to the last 25 new years worth of resolutions — celebrating our Silver Anniversary, at the end of the day we wish you a Bella Notte! 


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