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Bella's Bests

Inspiring elegance, individuality and romanticism our luxe designs are unmatched. Artisan crafted in California since 1996, our livable washable luxury is comfort without compromise.  


According to our collectors — some newly found and some for over two decades — we have some clear best sellers in our line. We have a lot of options to choose from and that's before you choose from our 17 hand-mixed colors. Here are the top choices from the collectors who chose to bring Bella Notte into their homes in 2020; a year where home also meant office, classroom, gym and studio. 


Scroll for the top pillowcase, sheets and duvet cover — click to jump to our top sham, coverlet and throw blanket.

To start, we'll begin with Pillowcases — the perfect introduction to Bella Notte. If you're just getting started or aren't ready to order an entire bed, pillowcases are the best way to experience our fabrics. 

Madera Luxe is our best-selling pillowcase fabric and it's no wonder why. Made from 100% Tencel™ this fabric is luxuriously smooth and has been described "'s like sleeping in butter." Soft, smooth and with a sultry drape, you'll notice that Madera Luxe is coveted for more than simply its pillowcases.


With Madera Luxe as our best-selling pillowcase collection, it's no surprise that it is also our most popular sheeting fabric. Whether folks sleep with a flat sheet or not, Madera Luxe is a clear top choice. And speaking of sleeping with or without a flat sheet, our Madera Luxe Duvet Covers also prove to be our top-performing duvet cover textile. 

Sustainable and popular, you can't go wrong with Madera Luxe. Pair any of these essentials offered in this collection with literally anything else in the line to finish off your ensemble.

Next, let's move on an talk about shams.

Are they essential to a bed? No. Are they the backdrop to just about any dream bed you've seen in an prominent design magazine? Yes! 

Anchoring your pillows to the bed's head, shams offer the structure your eye craves when looking at a composed bed. Use shams to build height from the top of the bed or use them to cover your sleeping pillows when the bed is made. Offered in a range of sizes, from standard (20" x 26") all the way up to our uniquely sized deluxe (27" x 36") and royal (30" x 40") shams, adding shams to a bed effortlessly takes the ensemble up a notch. Not only do shams help dress your bed, the assortment of sizes, fabrics, textures and colors lends these puffs of fluff to other spaces like the couch or a floor-level conversation space. 


 In 2020, our most popular sham is from our Paloma collection — a blend of silk charmeuse and linen with a petite silk velvet flange giving these shams light-catching radiance in any of our 17 colors. Silk Charmeuse shimmers with other lush fabrics like our silk velvet collections: Carmen, Loulah and Lynette. The Paloma collection offers a duvet cover thus a natural pairing but for something a little more interesting, pair Paloma shams with an Adele or Silk Velvet Quilted coverlet. 

Speaking of coverlets, the duvet cover's sibling, coverlets are popular because they don't require an insert and are a single layer of fabric for the top of the bed — the single layer makes for easy layering and bed making. 

We love the coverlet for its ability to cover whatever other bedding is beneath it. A coverlet can be like an instant makeover for your bed. 

 The coverlet most often chosen by our fans and collectors is the Silk Velvet Quilted Coverlet. Offered in its own collection featuring shams, a lumbar pillow and a throw blanket, it really doesn't matter what sheets you have....but of course, Madera Luxe sheets and pillowcases are our recommendation. The ultimate decorative collection, Silk Velvet Quilted styles also work in other spaces....


Which leads us to our best selling throw blankets. The icing pieces for any bed and transitional piece for your living spaces or anywhere else you use a throw

Along the same pathway as our luxurious silk velvet, our Carmen Personal Comforter is our most popular throw blanket. Outperforming by almost 2:1 over our large throw blanket styles, the personal comforter is the go-to throw blanket size and Silk Velvet is the fabric of choice. Measuring around 52" x 92", personal comforters are large enough to be a twin bed topper or to be your cozy, couch partner. While its size is not meant to be the main blanket for your bed, we highly encourage throw blankets at the foot or corner of any well-dressed bed. Any why tote your favorite blanket from the bed to the couch when you can leave your blanket out without it being too large, too filled or just too much for a living space. If the personal comforter is a little too big for your liking, our large throw blankets are just as wide as the personal comforter but about 20" shorter. 


To wrap it all up in a pretty bow, our fans choose luxurious, luminous fabrics more often than not — and the best part, it is all machine washable. Bella Notte makes artisanal home fashions and has been for the last 25 years. Our array of textiles, selection of styles and 17 hand-mixed colors small-batch dyed to order offers endless possibilities for your spaces, not just the bedroom. 

We love to see how our fans and collectors style their Bella Notte Linens. Tag us on social media #bellanottelinens and show off your style!

Until then, stay inspired Bellas! 


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