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Seasonal Transition Tips

Transition Tips for Spring

Brighter, longer days and warmer nights are on our horizon. We can always count on spring to lighten our palettes — in our wardrobes, bedding and other spaces. Here are some practical tips for refreshing your bedroom for spring. 

Laundering Tips

Proper care is how we give our linens the good life. Our Care Guide provides detailed specific instruction tailored for each Bella Notte fabric — always use The Laundress detergents.

Weekly — Wash your sheets and pillowcases weekly. The more well-loved they are the softer they become. 

Monthly — Wash your duvet cover or coverlet and other blankets including your throw blankets. 

Quarterly — Shams and decorative pillows covers.

Semi-Annually — Flip and rotate your mattress and have all of your inserts cleaned. Professional laundering is recommended for pillow, sham and duvet inserts. Click here to read our recommendation in an article by PopSugar. 

Storage Tips

Here are some best practices we've put together for you! 
Store your linens in a dry and dark area. If space if limited, store your sheets and pillowcases together by folding your sheets and keeping them inside of one of the pillowcases. Trust us, everything fits if you know how to fold a fitted sheet

For storing your larger blankets, coverlets and duvet covers fold as neatly as possible and stack without compressing the blankets too much if avoidable. 

 The Spring Bed

As nighttime temperatures rise, many collectors choose a coverlet. Layer two coverlets for added warmth or simply use over your sheets. If you keep a duvet on your bed year-round, adding a coverlet is an easy makeover to instantly change the overall look of your ensemble. 

Refresh your bedding with the season by exploring our fabrics and colors. Our harmonious fabric and color palette allows you to blend the shimmering glow of charmeuse, the luscious hand of our velvets and our light and airy linen on your spring bed. 

A well-dressed Spring bed will keep you warm on cooler nights and provide inspiration for the season. Floral prints, cotton jacquard & embroidery all provide a fresh look for any room. 

Let's celebrate spring! 

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