Care Guide

In a world dominated by a take, make, waste mentality we work hard to create consciously made, couture textiles for everyday living. Your at home care practices are essential to ensure a long life for your product. And in return you'll find each Bella Notte piece only becomes softer with every launder and use. Together we can give our heirloom linens a good life.

Please read below for specifics on how best to care for all of your special Bella Notte pieces. 

Care Do's

  • Pre-treat stains — see our recommendation below
  • Separate by color/fabric, and button/tie closed when applicable
  • Place delicates in garment bag
  • Machine wash cold on the gentle cycle using Common Good Detergent
  • Tumble dry on low heat or line dry
  • Remove promptly

Care Don'ts

  • Never use bleach or detergents with whiteners or brighteners as they break down fibers
  • Never use standard stain removers to treat stains as they can permanently damage your product
  • Avoid face care products with bleaching effects, like those containing benzoyl peroxide
  • Do not dry clean or over-dry your product
  • Avoid overloading your washing machine or washing with clothing  – oversized loads and clothing with zippers or hooks may cause excess friction
  • Avoid using top-loading washing machines with agitators for large pieces
  • Ironing or steaming may cause lace to melt and velvet to streak
  • Avoid direct sunlight on your product to minimize fading

    Special Considerations for products containing Silk and/or Tencel™

    • Wash using a gentle detergent free of bleach, whiteners and brighteners
    • Ironing or steaming may cause streaks in the velvet pile

      Special Considerations for products containing Lace or Linen Gauze

      • Wash in a mesh garment bag
      • Dry on no heat setting or line dry

        Stain Removal Recommendations

        • Run the affected spot under a steady stream of cold water to try to lift the stain from the fibers. 
        • Never use standard stain removers to treat stains as they can permanently damage your product.

        Care for Down Duvet and Pillow Inserts

        • For best results, professionally launder your Divine Down inserts