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Introducing: Mahogany

Meet Mahogany

Our new hue, Mahogany, is a deep reddish-brown, earthen and lush. Born from a desire for a saturated, earth tone that felt natural but could also offer an elegant juxtaposition to our softer hues, Mahogany is a dream to layer into any space. Explore the looks above and below by clicking here!


And watch Mahogany come to life in this short film!



Swoon worthy

Mahogany dyes beautifully in all of our textiles. From linen and cotton velvet to silk velvet and tencel, this warm reddish-brown will make you swoon. Create the look for your own sanctuary!


Color Inspiration

"With our color palette, we are always looking for unexpected combinations. We've had such fun layering our core offering of light-tones and mid-tones against our new colors, Jade and Mahogany—the depth of these two hues brings vibrant life to our organic palette, inspiring truly unique color play.”

—Bella Notte Design Team


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