Fall 2021

Bold and Beautiful

Fig and Moonlight join our palette

Fig — Regal and lavish, Fig is a rich purple-garnet tone that richly saturates all of our fabrics, trims and threads.

Developed as a ripe, juicy, lush purple with reddish undertones Fig is a luxurious, rich, confident color for the home. Purple invites creativity and harmony–combining the calmness of blue and the energy of red. Building on the new color from the last season and Fig is a vibrant partner to Poppy while sitting comfortably with Moonlight. 

Moonlight — A glowing grey tone that varies in depth like the night sky under a moonlit reflection. Created to commemorate Bella Notte’s 25th Silver Anniversary. 

Our 25th Silver Anniversary is the perfect time to introduce this grounded neutral. Deeper than silver, we couldn't resist a nod to our 25 years of creating handcrafted luxury for the home. Moonlight sings on its own and offers a calm base for the more spirited colors in our palette of now 18 colors. The unexpected charm is how Moonlight glows like a golden moon in our silk charmeuse.

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