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The alchemy of artisanal dyes

Our dye house is right down the street from where we cut, sew, assure quality, and work together as a small family business. As two women-run, multi-generational companies, we’ve worked side by side for over 20 years. In an age of far-flung supply chains, this rare and special partnership is integral in our commitment to being artisan crafted and supporting our local community.

Our artisanal dye process starts with hand-mixing our unique color palette and then garment dying each small batch of product to order. We believe in conscious luxury and make sure to use only non-hazardous and non-toxic dyes, as well as hypoallergenic softening agents for you and your family’s health. 

The alchemy of working in small batches, and with an artisanal dye house, results in tonal evolution. Swatches represent our range of colors, gradually evolving within their hue. When you embark on your color journey with Bella Notte we invite you to embrace the alchemy and inherent beauty of variation that makes each of our pieces one-of-a-kind. We delight in creating a harmonious palette that marries all our luxurious materials to create a compositiondynamic and inviting.

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