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The inherent beauty of linen

Whether you’re packing up your summer linen as we move into the cooler months, or you enjoy sleeping on them all year round, we want to take time to share how special this natural material really is.


Breathable and adaptable to any climate, our linen becomes softer with every goodnight’s sleep. When cared for properly, linen can be an heirloom. Some of us have been sleeping on the same linen sheets for over a decade! Made from European Flax, this fiber uses less water to grow and emits less carbon than cotton per pound. Amidst a sea of polyester and conventional cotton sheeting, we could gush about the understated elegance of linen all day (and night!).

As a natural fiber, variation is part of the inherent beauty of linen. Small striations in the weave sometimes maintain a natural tone or thicker texture from its origin fiber, flax. In a world full of mechanized perfection, you can delight in every Bella Notte piece being one-of-a-kind. Sourcing natural and quality fibers from our long-term partners all over the world is part of our commitment to conscious luxury and being stewards of the planet, the people who make our product, and the families who sleep in them.

Visit our webshop to peruse our various linen collections or order a fabric swatch to experience our quality and color in person.

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