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The past several years have been financially challenging for the U.S.: natural disasters, unemployment, and the housing bubble burst have touched us all personally or professionally (or both).

Fortunately there are signs that America is picking up the pieces. And the resounding rhetoric about creating jobs, supporting local businesses, and buying goods made in the U.S. is hard to ignore. But when it’s more expensive and harder to come by, WHY BUY AMERICAN?

In the article, MADE IN USA Still Matters, Harold Sirkin reminds us,
“To most of the world, ‘Made in the USA’ still means something special: quality, dependability, safety, reliability—products that feature the most advanced technologies and the hippest styles. Buy these products, and you too can share in the American dream.”

We at Bella Notte know that our customers invest in us. Not just the expense and not just the linens, but our company and what we represent to them: easy-care luxury, supreme comfort, and American-made products they can trust.

We want to take the time to outline what goes in to our products, why they may cost more than goods manufactured overseas, and how we ensure that you will notice the difference.


When you buy from Bella Notte, you support a long line of American businesses and employees. From local cutters, sewers, and dyers, to the office support staff on hand to assist accounts, to our national reps and trusty UPS and FedEx delivery people – our net is far reaching. We pay US living wages, provide health insurance and a 410k plan, and our employees stay on board for years.

Bella Notte also supports small and medium sized retailers nationally. Our aesthetic is luxurious, relaxed, and vintage inspired, which tends to fit in more with family-owned boutiques. When they stock Bella Notte's products, our retailers can offer customers something special not found in any department store.

While it’s not always possible to buy American-made given how much manufacturing has moved overseas, you can feel confident knowing that your Bella Notte linens are cut and sewn right here in the San Francisco Bay Area without any sweatshop labor.


Our products are couture in nature; every garment-dyed batch of linens has custom qualities. This is the result of being manufactured locally as opposed to being produced on a factory line overseas. We like that every piece is personal and unique.

We often say that our linens are an investment. Every wash makes them softer, and that beloved ‘lived-in’ quality is what we strive for. If you follow our care instructions closely, you can keep your Bella for years to come and never fear cuddling up in the softest of linens, satins, laces, and velvets.


Because we cut, sew, and dye our textiles locally (within a 20 mile radius from our home office and warehouse), we are able to reduce our carbon footprint by avoiding a long international supply chain. That means fewer bags and boxes, and less waste. We also have to meet with strict US manufacturing regulations, and even go one step further to use non-toxic dyes and low-impact fabrics. And given the quality and value of every square inch of our materials, we incorporate smaller pieces into our Quilted Coverlets or donate them to local retirement communities and animal shelters, ensuring that we have virtually no fabric waste and are always giving back.

The equivalent of 7.5 tons of textiles, the “3% Mountain” is only a percentage of the 253 tons of clothing Hong Kong residents throw away on average EACH DAY

We want to formally thank all of our customers, national retailers, and fans for valuing our brand and supporting our products and process. We know that you have thousands of options when shopping for bedding and apparel, and we are grateful that you choose to shop Bella and invest in American-made goods, and an American, family-owned company.

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