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Petit Bella - Exquisite Linens for Your Little One

Welcome to a World of Luxury and Comfort: Introducing the newest addition to the Bella Notte family, Petit Bella!

Bella Notte Baby Collection


Our family at Bella Notte Linens is thrilled to introduce Petit Bella, our refreshed luxury linen line exclusively designed for your little ones. Our new releases include; seven baby blankets, three crib sheets and four crib skirts, which join our existing handful of baby styles, as well as, a limited release Baby Bundle.

Using only the finest materials, sourced from around the world, our linens are crafted from natural fibers and low-impact dyes with zero chemical finishes, carefully selected to provide a gentle touch, and ensure a blissful sleep experience. Each piece is made to order, completely customizable in a variety of sizes and designs, that are not only cozy and practical, but also visually stunning. Like all Bella Notte products, each piece in this collection is machine-washable and meant to be loved, washed, and loved again.

The full Petit Bella collection will delight not only babies, but also kids, teens, and even dorm dwellers, with offerings extending to twin and twin XL-sized bedding. Designed to accompany your little one on their extraordinary journey through all stages of life, this collection is a magical tapestry woven with love.


Baby Blankets 

The Petit Bella baby blanket collection includes seven beautiful new additions, handcrafted to create the perfect sleep experience for your little one, while bringing beauty, luxury and comfort to any nursery.

Crafted from 100% organic cotton, the Adele Baby Blanket features a delicate silk velvet trim and swirling baroque pattern, the perfect companion for naptime dreams. Indulge in the soft elegance of the Carmen Baby Blanket, where two layers of exquisite silk velvet are embraced by a dainty charmeuse ruffle. Made of a midweight linen and adorned with delicate cotton embroidery, the Ines Baby Blanket is slightly padded, perfect for a cozy crib-sized comforter or toddler bed companion.

Baby Blankets Adele Carmen Ines Petit Bella Baby Bella Notte LInens

 Pictured left to right: Adele, Carmen and Ines Baby Blankets


The Linen Whisper Baby Blanket is a nursery essential, adorned with a precious 5” whisper weighted ruffle and petite trim on all four sides. Made of silk velvet and backed in satin, the glistening textures of the Loulah Baby Blanket are a dream against your child’s skin— the lovely 4” silk velvet embellishment on all four sides and delicate eyelashes, adds a charming finishing touch to the draping ruffle. Gleaming with a diamond pattern on silk charmeuse, the Luna Baby Blanket is a gentle layer for little ones; perfect for naps and tummy time. Backed and edged in satin, our luxurious Silk Velvet Quilted Baby Blanket, makes for a perfect cover-up while slumbering in the crib or keeping warm in the stroller. 
Baby Blankets Linen Whisper Loulah Luna and Silk Velvet Quilted Petit Bella Baby Bella Notte Linens

Pictured left to right: Linen WhisperLoulah, Luna and Silk Velvet Quilted Baby Blankets

Crib Sheets

Adding to the elegance and beauty of your crib or toddler bedding, is our collection of Petit Bella crib sheets. The Bria Crib Sheet, crafted from 600-thread count cotton sateen, offers a smooth hand and delicate sheen, wrapping up your little one in pure elegance. Meanwhile, the Linen Crib Sheet showcases impeccable quality with its smooth touch, subtle luster and graceful drape. For a dreamy feel and cooling effect, the Madera Luxe Crib Sheet, made from 100% sustainably grown Tencel™ fiber creates a serene sanctuary for your baby. It’s also designed with deep pockets to securely hold the sheets in place over a crib mattress and topper.

Crib Sheets Bria, Linen, Madera Luxe, Petit Bella Baby by Bella Notte Linens

Pictured left to right: Bria, Linen and Madera Luxe Crib Sheets


Crib Skirts

An elegant finishing touch to any crib is the Petit Bella crib skirt, available in four stunning styles. The Bria Crib Skirt offers elegance and a tailored silhouette, while the Linen Crib Skirt creates a graceful look with its soft gathers. Delicate and ethereal, the Linen Whisper Crib Skirt floats dreamily with sheer woven linen gauze and a generous ruffle. Lastly, the Paloma Crib Skirt casts a spell with iridescent silk charmeuse. Each skirt adds a touch of magic to your baby's nursery, creating an ambiance that sparks joy and wonder.

Crib Skirts Bria, Linen, Linen Whisper and Paloma Petit Bella Baby Bella Notte Linens

Pictured left to right: Bria, Linen, Linen Whisper and Paloma Crib Skirts


Limited Edition Bundle of Joy: The Mathilde Baby Bundle

Mathilde Bundle Limited Edition Petite Bella Baby Bella Notte Baby

Pictured above: The Mathilde Bundle - Limited Release (Crib sheet and blanket)


A limited release, our Mathilde Baby Bundle includes a matching crib sheet and baby blanket. The baby blanket pairs a satin ruffle with a beautiful floral print on our midweight linen. The crib sheet is designed with a pocket to accommodate standard crib mattresses, easily securing over a waterproof layer and mattress. Artisan-crafted, these limited edition pieces are a beautiful crib made easy.


Behind the Seams

Welcome to the whimsical world of True Bella Babies, where magic meets luxury. Our collection draws inspiration from the precious children of Bella Notte's own team members, creating items we would want for our own little ones. While on set, bubbles, belafonte and a touch of enchantment kept our little darlings happy. From dreamy crib sheets to cozy blankets, each item is crafted with love, capturing the essence of childhood wonder. Embrace the whimsy and create cherished memories with Petit Bella, where dreams come to life in every stitch.

Bella Notte Babies Petit Bella Baby Behind the Seams

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