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What’s In and Out This Spring

You’ve no doubt seen a few In-and-Out lists this year, and to help make designing your living and sleeping spaces easier this spring, we’ve put together the Ins-and-Outs you need to know before you begin designing your space with Bella Notte Linens.

Out: Plain, flat bedding
In: Layers and layers of elegant, textured fabrics

Cirillo Cotton Sateen Bedding from Bella Notte Linens

Pictured above: Bria Flat Sheet (Moonlight) and Pillowcase (Cloud) both with Novola Lace, layered with Cirillo Blankets, Coverlets, Pillow Shams, and Throw Pillows.


This spring is all about layers and textures. Build your bed from the ground up, starting with our 600-thread count luminous cotton sateen Bria Collection, now with a lavish Novola lace option. Fashioned to the 5’ cuff of the Bria pillowcases and flat sheet, the Novola lace features a symmetrical and geometric pattern bound to bring a sense of grandeur to your aesthetic. This is a beautiful addition to existing Bria bedding, or works perfectly with new orders including the Bria fitted sheet.

Layer your luxurious sheets with the calming pattern of Bella Notte’s Cirillo coverlet, constructed from 600-thread count cotton sateen, and filled with cotton. Wrap yourself in cool comfort and get the good night’s sleep you deserve.

Allora Lace Bedding from Bella Notte Linens

Pictured above: Allora Bolster Pillow Cover in Honeycomb over Linen Bolster Liner in Fig, Allora Lace Bed Scarf in Fig, and Allora Bed Skirt in Parchment layered over a Linen Bed Skirt in Winter White


Add more layers and textures to your bed and other living spaces with pieces from both the Cirillo collection and new all-lace Allora collection. From top to bottom, our Allora collection has pieces for every element of your bedding ensemble. Available in a bed skirt, bed scarf, pillowcase covers, and bolster cover, this collection will upgrade your space with interesting and sophisticated pieces that will become treasured and timeless pieces in your linen trove. Top off your look these beautiful lace layers, and add a pop of shine with the gentle ripples of our Cirillo throw pillow and blanket.

Baby Cribs for Petit Bellas from Bella Notte Linens

Pictured above: Linen Crib Sheet in French Lavender with Linen Whisper Crib Skirt in Cloud. Linen Whisper Sham (Euro) in Pearl with Lynette Throw PIlow (24x24) in French Lavender, Adele Throw Pillow (18x18) in Winter White, and Loulah Throw Pillow (15x24) in French Lavender. Ines Baby Blanket in Cloud, Adele Baby Blanket in Pearl, Cirillo Baby Blanket and Linen Whisper Baby Blankets in French Lavender.

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Just as you dress your Petit Bellas in layers, dress their sleep spaces in layers, too. Our Linen sheets are favorites for baby cribs and children’s beds. And with Petit Bellas, you can never have enough blankets. This spring, we especially love the ethereal 5" whisper weight ruffle and petite ruffle trim on linen in the Linen Whisper Baby Blanket, which complements the Linen Whisper Pillow Sham and Crib Skirt.

Petit Bella Children's Twin Bed

Pictured above: Austin Sham (Deluxe) in Pearl, Linen Pillowcase in Rouge, Loulah Throw Pillow (15x24) in Cenote. Bria Duvet Cover (Twin) in Pearl, Luna Coverlet (Twin) in Cenote, Loulah Throw Blanket in Cenote. Bria Fitted and Flat Sheets in Eucalyptus.


For older Petit Bellas, layer their twin beds with 600-thread count cotton sateen Bria Sheets and an accompanying Bria Duvet Cover. Complete the look with an additional layer of luxury with the Luna Coverlet, featuring a gentle diamond pattern quilted on silk charmeuse, and backed in our signature linen. Lastly, add some panache with the ruffled Loulah Throw Pillow and Throw Blanket.


Out: Muted and cool color tones
In: Rich, bold, and earthy colors

Greens, purples, bold darks, and earth tones are all the rage in 2024, making our new colors Juniper and French Lavender the perfect way to embrace spring.

Juniper, our newest green pigment, is a deep hue with undertones that ground the colorway. The natural beauty is displayed in all of our textiles, as a consistent and rooted shade. Juniper’s mood is tranquil and lush and perfectly matches with other earth tones and neutrals, such as Parchment, Honeycomb, Fog, and Cloud.

Cirillo Throw Pillows in Green

Pictured above: Cirillo Throw Blanket in Eucalyptus with Cirillo Throw Pillows (15x24) in Mineral and Juniper.


Complimented by our entire palette, French Lavender ranges tonally from whimsical to moody. Use our new tone in bedrooms and living spaces where you want to surround yourself with a touch of sophistication. Straying from trends that change with the seasons, French Lavender provides a timeless tone that is soothing with a trace of mystique and pairs well with bolder, moodier colorways, such as Midnight, Fig, Juniper, and Cenote.

Cirillo Baby Blankets

Pictured above, top to bottom: Cirillo Baby Blanket in Rouge, Poppy, Fig and French Lavender.


Add a pop of color to your bathroom and kitchen areas with our Mattine Guest Towel, which also features an elegant cotton lace motif on linen. The stippled and scalloped patterns are a refined embellishment on both ends of our signature linen. 

Mattine Guest Towels

Pictured above: The Mattine Guest Towel in Juniper and French Lavender.

In addition to these colors, we offer all of our pieces in 18 hand-dyed hues. Hand-dyeing each fabric is a labor of love to achieve consistency across all pieces, materials, and looks.


In: Traditional, maximalist looks
Out: Modern, minimalistic aesthetic

The more the better. More layers, more details, and more embellishments. Bella Notte’s collections complement each other in all spaces of your home to provide a maximalist look. And, we are experts in traditional looks, including lace, scallops, and embellishments that everyone is loving right now.

The new all-lace Allora collection takes a traditional look to a new level. Create a traditional sitting room with the Allora Bed Scarf, topped off by the textured patterns of the Ines Throw Pillow and Adele Throw Pillow. Add a plush layer of comfort and warmth with the Harlow Throw Pillow and Harlow Blanket, comprised of plush cotton velvet trimmed by charmeuse raw edges.

French Lavender Couch

Pictured above, left to right: Ines Throw Pillow, Harlow Throw Pillow, and Harlow Blanket in French Lavender with Adele Throw Pillow and Allora Bed Scarf in Cloud

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For the bedroom, our best-selling Madera Luxe collection can now be embellished with Donella Lace trimmed options for its 100% Tencel™ pillowcases and flat sheet styles. The Donella Lace showcases gentle scallops framing a floral lace motif. Beautifully adorned with soft curves bringing fluidity to the classic silhouettes of our Madera Luxe styles. These linens transform your everyday bedroom into one fit for royalty.

Bed and Throw Pillows

Pictured above: Madera Luxe Pillowcase with Donella Lace in front of Vienna Pillow Sham, both in Honeycomb.


Top your bed off with a creative headboard. Use new materials, like silk velvet, to cover your headboard and add texture and color in a new way you’ve never done before.

Unique Headboard

Pictured above: A silk velvet headboard creates a soft backdrop for a variety of textures on the bed.


In: Sustainable, small-batch manufactured products
Out: Unsustainable, mass-produced products

Since our founding in 1996, we have remained steadfast in our dedication to producing exquisite couture bedding, handstitched and custom dyed in Northern California.

Cutting fabrics


Our small-batch manufacturing process is a labor of love. Each product is made by hand, down to every embellishment. Through this approach, in addition to producing high-quality products for our customers, we live out our values of being stewards of the planet, the people who make our products, and the families who sleep in them. 

We are proud to use low-impact dyes on every custom piece, dyes that we are comfortable with our own family sleeping in. Say goodbye to the hassle and harsh chemicals of dry cleaning; all of our couture textiles are washable at home, even our silks and velvets – at Bella Notte, the luxury and convenience that our customers crave go hand in hand.

Small batch hand dyed fabrics


Unlike many companies that rely on distant and complex supply chains, our dye house is located just down the street from where we cut, sew, and produce our linens. This level of proximity and collaboration is nearly unheard of in today's world, allowing us to maintain a level of quality and attention to detail that is second to none.

What next?

Love all these ideas but not sure how to make them a reality in your space. We can help! Bella Notte provides a complimentary design concierge service to our collectors to help you achieve the perfect look. Contact our Design Concierge to get started today.

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