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Stretch. Listen. Dream. Our favorite work-from-home tips!

Like most of you, we've been adjusting to our new reality of working from home. While we balance kids, meetings, meals, and our own physical and mental health, we've been gathering tips and tricks from our online community and wanted to share with you below.

Tips for working from home (and staying sane)

Whether experienced or new to working from home, these tips have helped our team stay focused and inspired!


Maintain your routine.

Set your alarm, brew your coffee, make your bed, and get dressed (even if it's only from the waist up!). Maintaining your routine will add structure to your day and a bit of needed normalcy in these unusual times. 


Start your work day with a stretch.

Each morning our team meets for our daily check-in (via video), beginning with a five minute stretch to wake up our minds and bodies. Click here for one of our favorites. And if you have kids, invite them to join—they'll love it!


Your bed is for dreaming.

Avoid working from bed. Our bedrooms are a sacred space for rest and sleep, and it's important to maintain this association. Using electronics before bed reduces the melatonin you need to fall asleep. So put down the laptop and pick up your favorite book—we're reading The Shadow of the Wind.


Create a clean space.

Whether at your desk or dining room table, create a comfortable work space free of clutter where you can stay focused and inspired. And keep a full glass of water near by—staying hydrated helps our minds and bodies.


Music makes us happy.

We love working to music, especially when we're sharing a work space with our partners and kiddos. Erik Satie radio is beautiful and relaxing. Plus research shows that listening to classical music can raise dopamine levels, and help you focus—we'll take it!

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